Almega Metalltechnic’s Area of Expertise

Since 1959 Almega Metals Technology has formed sheet metal from steel, aluminium and stainless steel with expertise, focus and motivation.

Our company’s vision and business principles are based on biblical-ethical values.

We are ISO Certified and have a permit for welding and adhesive bonding.


Your partner for sheet metal forming:

  • Best possible solutions for manufacturing processes
  • Caters for individual customer needs
  • Proactive engagement in your order production
  • Development
  • Vehicle manufacturing
  • Plant- and Apparatus construction
  • Medical technology
  • Metal construction
  • Welding technology


One of our high-tech competencies: sheet metal forming for explosive substance detectors for the State of California (USA). These detectors are used in baggage inspection systems at airports.

All modules are assembled at our production facility.

Project activities include:

  • Process development and technical solutions, also in collaboration with third parties.

Execution of acoustic analysis in FEM evaluation.


Vehicle manufacturing

We produce diverse components for rail vehicle construction, from single sheet metal parts to complex modules.

We are authorized to weld higher stressed rail vehicle components. (Certificate DIN 15085-2 and EN ISO 3834-2:2006)

The quality of our welding is monitored by an accredited welding supervisor. Welding procedures are documented according to EN 287.

Almega_Metalltechnik_Amriswilerstrasse55_8570 Weinfelden_Anlagebau-und-Apparatebau

Plant and apparatus construction

Sheet metal forming is our long-standing core competency – our solid reputation in this area is based on years of experience and vast expertise. Steel casings and sheet coverings made from steel, aluminium and non-corrosive materials are used in machine and instrument construction, as well as in food chemistry and the recycling industry.


Application examples:

  • Bookbinding machines
  • Looms
  • Recycling machinery
  • Cheese production machinery

Medical technology

Pioneers at heart, we thrive on creativity and innovation. That’s why we love challenging, complex assignments – such as prototype construction. Using the latest technology, we develop and produce customer specific parts (individual or small series parts). Working in close collaboration with customers from medical technology, we have developed and produced a variety of components.

Application examples:

  • Therapy devices
  • Training systems
  • Lithotripter

Patient tables


Metal construction

From straightforward to complex and challenging projects, our qualified metal construction team will help you realize almost any construction!

We are also more than happy to undertake general metal working, machining or repair work. In combination with sheet metal part production, we can provide you with interesting and innovative offerings.

Regular constructions:

  • Gates, doors
  • Stairs
  • Canopies
  • Railings
  • Balconies
  • Burglary protection


Steel structures:

Welding certificate DIN 18800-7:2008 -11 Class “D”


Welding technology

We employ highly qualified staff for our welding processes.


The correct arc welding technology, MAG/MIG/TIG, is adapted for each construction part. We use bolting and resistance spot welding for aluminium work.


Welding quality is monitored by an accredited welding supervisor.


We know you will be excited by the high level of commitment, flexibility and loyalty at Almega. Entrust us with your project today!


Welding certificate DIN EN 15085-2 CL1 und EN ISO 3834-2.