1959  Zellweger Metallbau AG founded in Bürglen

1986  Construction of the new building

1998  Acquisition by the Foster Holding AG

2001  Transition from 2D Construction to 3D CAD-System

2001  International Welding Certification for rail vehicles (DIN 6700-2)

2002 Introduction of EDP-System with PPS and BDE and accounting solutions

2004  Name change from Zellweger AG to Almega AG (20.04.2004)

2004  Inauguration of sheet metal high-rack storage system (17 September 2004)

2007  Purchase of TruTop 5040 Laser Cutting Machine with fully automatic loading station

2009  Automatic folding and bending device (robot enabled edge bending cell)

2009  50 years anniversary

2013  Recertification ISO 9001:2008

2014  Purchase of deburring machine.