Types of metal cabinets

Range of standard sizes and dimensions:

  • PP 4   LxBxH 1380x950x460 mm
  • PP 4S LxBxH 1380x950x545 mm
  • PP 5   LxBxH 1625x725x460 mm
  • PP 5S LxBxH 1625x725x545 mm

Choice of steel panel, galvanized or powder coated designs.

Shelves with improved stability and adjustable height

Optional features

  • Interchangeable combinations
  • with rear panel
  • with additional shelves
  • with perforated doors
  • with T-grip turn lock
  • with name and number shields
  • with cover consoles
  • with floor stands
  • with substructure
  • with Kaba barrel lock
  • with exhaust duct
  • In any choice of colors (NCS/RAL)
  • custom made solutions

Colorful organizing Systems

Almega Metalcabinets are not just good to look at, they enable you to effectively and efficiently organize your garage, workshop, basement, storage or operating facility. They can be ordered in a range of standard sizes and colors, or custom-made to suit your specific needs.

Our team will happily deliver and install your Almega cabinets for you, should you require this service.

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Metal cabinets


Supplies locker


Basement solution

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