Mission Statement

Our Core Values

Foundations. Almega AG is anchored in biblical and ethical principles. We conduct business responsibly and transparently in the knowledge that we are accountable to our Maker.

Employees. We value our employees highly. We want to see them flourish and achieve their full potential – not just professionaly, but in every sphere of life. That is why we coach them in areas such as personal development, life-work-balance and financial management.

We encourage innovation, entreprise and engaged responsibility. Our system of company fringe benefits (based on the principle of sowing and reaping) fosters a healthy blend of independence and accountability. Team development processes, paired with one to one meetings, build and cultivate mutual trust.

Additional values. Our high quality products offer customers added value that makes sense. Moreover, to ensure our production is environmentally friendly, we are careful to use or recycle residual materials.

Strong together. We cultivate transparent, valuable partnerships with customers, suppliers and other businesses – promoting win-win situations.

Our customers. We are excited about our products and the services we offer – we know you will be too! At Almega, we value our customers and take care to provide them with the friendly, reliable service they deserve. Our team are continuously looking for creative ways to improve standards and services which benefit customers.


Setting an excellent example through leadership and service

Almega is passionate about encouraging young people. Our vision is to see them found start-ups in metals technology in Europe. We believe the following principles will help us realize this vision:

Role models: Almega AG is anchored in biblical-ethical principles. We value respectful communication and collaboration. The next generation learns to be considerate and caring when they see these qualities modeled in our own lifestyle.

Systematic fostering: We encourage people to assume responsibility and to learn to lead themselves and others well – ensuring sustainability into the next generation. We recognise potential and help people develop vocational skills that reflect their giftings.

Multiplication: Our employees benefit from opportunities and training. They find their vocation and are able to help others grow.

Relationships: Staff learn to build healthy, appropriate relationships at different levels, thanks to our teamwork model.

Social Responsibility: We are continually looking for new and creative ways to release funds to help support the socially and financially disadvantaged