Covering for “bakery kneading machine”

These coverings are usually manufactured from plastic. Due to the high stress level on the plastic covering it broke easily and needed to be replaced often. This problem does not exist any longer - the kneading machine now has an aluminium covering that has a way longer lifespan. And  it looks good - we think. Do you also need [...]

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Take a seat, please!

Look what we made brandnew! We love enjoying our coffee breaks or barbecues out here on our home made bench. It is a comfortable, weather-resistent and stylish product, thanks to the metall finish. We'd love to send you a quotation for your own wooden bench. Individual lengths, types of wood and colors are possible!

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Sport out of boundaries

Since 1960 PluSport is helping People with a physical disability to achieve success, joy and integration trough movement and sports. We really like what PluSport does. That's why we Support them financially!           

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