Flow rate (dringking water) 1200 l/h (max.)
Temperature of water 65°C (max.)
Reactor Special Al-coating
Dimension (Ø x Length) 100 x 570 mm
Reactor connections 1½”/1½”
Connections Tap ¾”/¾”
Lamp lifetime 9000 h
Number of lamps 1
Dose 400 J/m2
Disinfecting performance
(Reference: E.Coli)
17 W (1200 l/h)
Maximum working pressure 6 bar
Protective system IP 65
Electrical power input lamp 17 W
Power supply 12 VDC
Fuse 10 A
UV light class C


Delivering a radiation dose of 400 J/m2, it meets water regulations with a desinfecting rate of 99.99% for up to 1200 litres per hour.

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Provides clean water, saves lives!


Water-borne diseases still cause millions of deaths each year via cholera, diarrhoea, typhoid fever, hepatitis and dysentery etc.

The problem is greatest in rural areas where there is often no piped water or electricity. So water has to be boiled with scarce supplies of firewood, putting pressure on family budgets and on the environment through deforestation.

Uses available resources

Almega Revivo is an autonomous, innovative, and easy-to-install solar-powered UV water disinfection system, that can easily process up to 1200 l/hr.
Boiling to sterilise water is no longer necessary and so considerable quantities of wood or charcoal can be saved.

A particular eco-friendly feature is that the system works purely on solar energy. It ist the perfect way to provide life-saving drinking water to whole villages, hospitals, schools and hotels.
In cities, Almega Revivo reduces the wasteful consumptions of plastic bottles.

Easy to handle

What kind of water can be treated? Almega Revivo disinfects water: any water from dug wells, bore holes, lakes, rivers, creeks and lagoons can be treated. Please note that pre-filtration solution is recommended for water with high particle content (turbidity). Revivo is not suitable for chemically polluted water, neither will it remove salt or heavy metals.

Independent and ecological

A special reflective  coating on the reactor inner walls increases radiation intensity. The water passes through the radiation zone in a quartz glass tube and does not come into contact with the metal housing of the reactor vessel. This greatly simplifies the cleaning process. Reactor dimensions prevent overheating and so ensure longer component lifetimes.

Power supply and safety

Thanks to the automatic control electronics and backup battery, the system operates up to 6 hours without sunlight. No mains power connection ist required thanks to the solar panel, battery and charging system included. The electronics prevent operation when insufficient power is available.
A lifetime timer indicates when it is time to replace the UV lamp.

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